100th Hakone Ekiden 🏃

Malta International Firework Festival 🎆

Three Marathons in 2024 🏃

A trip to Lisboa at the end of 2022 🚢

Sunset, aurora, and fireworks in Helsinki 🎆

Trans-Siberian Railway (China-Mongolia-Russia) 🚆

My friend Hugo and I took this long journey several years ago. We were both addicted to this train trip and had planned for a long time before it really happened. During the trip, we spent most of the time on the train and had several long conversations with each other. I have written two blog articles about this trip in Chinese (part1, part2).

Bagpacking and Hitchhiking in Tibet 🏔️

Mountain View and Sunrise in Nagarkot 🌅

The most beautiful mountain view and sunrise I have ever seen. I miss these relaxing days in Nagarkot, Nepal.

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