Reverse-Engineering Information Presentations [paper]

Danqing Shi, Weiwei Cui, Danqing Huang, Haidong Zhang, Nan Cao


AutoClips: An Automatic Approach to Video Generation from Data Facts [website] [paper]

Danqing Shi, Fuling Sun, Xinyue Xu, Xingyu Lan, David Gotz, Nan Cao

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Calliope·Data: An Intelligent Visual Data Story Generation Platform for Mass [website] [poster]

Nan Cao, Danqing Shi, Yanqiu Wu

ChinaVis 2021

Talk2Data: High-Level Question Decomposition for Data-Oriented Question and Answering [paper]

Danqing Shi, Yi Guo, Mingjuan Guo, Yanqiu Wu, Qing Chen, Nan Cao


Calliope: Automatic Visual Data Story Generation from a Spreadsheet [website] [paper]

Danqing Shi, Xinyue Xu, Fuling Sun, Yang Shi, Nan Cao

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Task-Oriented Optimal Sequencing of Visualization Charts [website] [paper]

Danqing Shi, Yang Shi, Xinyue Xu, Nan Chen, Siwei Fu, Hongjin Wu, Nan Cao

2019 IEEE Visualization in Data Science (VDS) (pp. 58-66)

VisAct: a visualization design system based on semantic actions [website] [paper]

Hongjin Wu, Danqing Shi, Nan Chen, Yang Shi, Zhuochen Jin, Nan Cao

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Generative Adversarial Networks: A Primer [book]

Danqing Shi