Narrative Chart

2021 - 2022

Narrative Chart ( is an open-source visualization library specialized for authoring charts that facilitete data storytelling with a high-level action-orienented declarative grammar. Unlike existing visualization libraries such as D3.js, Vega, and ECharts, Narrative Chart is designed to meet the needs of data storytelling specifically and lower the barrier of creating such charts. Narrative Chart has rich supportive features for visual narratives, which enables users to rapidly create expressive charts and inspires their creativity.

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Calliope - A Visual Data Story Generation Platform

2020 - 2021

Calliope (project homepage) is a visual data story generation platform that employs advanced AI techniques to automatically analyze data and represent data insights in the form of narrative visualization. It helps non-expert users create visual data stories through an automatic process without any technique barrier. The system is named after the Muse who presides over eloquence and epic poetry. In 2021, Calliope joined Greenplum as a plugin feature to help more users in database community [link] 🌟.

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Intelligent Visualization Systems

2018 - 2021

Intelligent visualization systems: an action-driven authoring tool and a natual language interface (NLI) for visualizations. See the following papers for the details.

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