Automatic Narrative Visualization

2020 - Present

I created Calliope (an automatic story generation system) with Prof. Cao in 2020, and built several intelligent algorithms on it. The system is named after the Muse who presides over eloquence and epic poetry. The literal translation is "beautiful-voiced". We wish this system can power the future with attractive data narratives.


[1] Calliope: Automatic Visual Data Story Generation from a Spreadsheet [website]

[2] AutoClips: An Automatic Approach to Video Generation from Data Facts [website]

[3] Reverse-Engineering Information Presentations [paper]

[4] Calliope·Data: An Intelligent Visual Data Story Generation Platform for Mass [website]

Intelligent Visualization System

2018 - Present


[1] Task-Oriented Optimal Sequencing of Visualization Charts [website]

[2] VisAct: a visualization design system based on semantic actions [website]

[3] Talk2Data: High-Level Question Decomposition for Data-Oriented Question and Answering [paper]